Ben Harvey

Ben Harvey
In his pursuit to discover the answers to life's most intriguing questions, Benjamin J Harvey has spent well over 20 years travelling the world studying the field of self-empowerment and human potential with some of the greatest teachers of our time.

In the last 5 years Benjamin has helped thousands of people to change for good, live their love and lead a rich and balanced life. He does this through his seminars, workshops, online courses and during the 5,000+ one-on-one coaching sessions he has delivered. Benjamin has had the good fortune of assisting a diverse cross section of society ranging from Shamans to Strategists, Psychics to Sales Reps, Healers to Home Makers and Meditators to Mediators.

Benjamin is one of only 100 people in the world to have completed the VIP Human Consciousness Intensive at the International Academy of Consciousness in Portugal. He has also been trained and mentored in meditation practices, personal change techniques and ancient wisdom by the likes of Dr Wayne Dyer, Dr Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins, The Dali Lama, S.N Goenka (Vipassana meditation), Michael Domeyko Rowland (Author of Absolute Happiness), James Redfield (Author of Celestine Prophesies), Sogyal Rinpoche (Author of The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying), Jason Irving (Founder of Spiral of Light), Little Sparrow (his Shamanic Teacher), Paul Blackburn (Founder of Beyond Success), Jason Irving (Founder of Spiral of Light), Christopher Howard, Stuart Wilde and the list goes on... We can safely say that Benjamin truly understands the whole mind, body, soul concept.

Sales Tip - Why Is Rejection So Painful?

29 November 2011. By: Ben

It is a little know fact that when a person is rejected the part of the brain that lights up is the exact same region that is responsible for registering physical pain. So if you are one of the people that thinks rejection is painful then I can assure you, you are not alone! What you want to remember first and foremost is that rejection is not fatal. Having trained sales professionals for well over 15 years I have never seen one drop dead after hearing a rejection.

Finding Your Life Purpose

28 November 2011. By: Ben

Less than 3% of the world's population are living on purpose, yet to do so is easier then everyone seems to think. Human beings are capable of incredible things when the 'why' becomes big enough. Your purpose will allow you to bring a massive 'why' to every area of your life. 
Like they say in the Matrix: "Your 'why' is your only true source of power." 

Sales Tip - What's Love Got To Do With It?

11 October 2011. By: Ben

"Love doesn't make the world go round, it makes the ride worthwhile." - Franklin P. Jones
It has been said that sales is the transferrance of a feeling so therefore what better feeling to transfer than that of love. Yes that’s right I used the “L” word. If you want to be a sales success you must first fall deeply in love with something...

Transforming Your Life in 3 Simple Steps

12 September 2011. By: Ben

All of our problems, issues, concerns and anything else you would like to refer to them as are simply a negative reflection of the past or a fearful prediction of the future. When we are totally present in the moment we are able to experience the true nature of bliss. Now that’s pretty interesting wouldn’t you say? So how do you actually put this into practice. Well there are three main steps you need to follow in order to heal and transform your life...

Sales Tip - How To Master Objections

20 August 2011. By: Ben

I have come to realise that the easiest form of objection handling is to never handle the objection. I remember reading a quote from corporate strategist and master sale trainer Frank Ramano when I first started out in the sales industry saying; “The greatest product your company has to offer is a well informed employee”. How do you beomce a well informed employee, even if it is your own business?

How to Create Anything in 3 Simple Steps

02 August 2011. By: Ben

The most successful people around the world seem to use the same simple formula for creating amazing results. So rather than keep it a secret I thought I would share it with you.

Sales Tip - The Simple Truth About Sales

19 July 2011. By: Ben

It is amazing how many people have an unprecedented fear to the art of selling. Whenever I am learning any type of skill I am always looking for the most effective system with the least number of steps involved. There is an old Portuguese proverb that says: "Beware of the door that has too many keys"

5 Biggest Business Networking Mistakes

04 July 2011. By: Ben

Across the globe many enthusiastic networkers are attending events right now. However, most are making common errors they are not even aware of...and tomorrow they will think networking doesn't work! Their few hours will be a good time, but mostly a waste of time. So it's wise to spend a few minutes avoiding these common pitfalls to ensure you are networking correctly and successfully.

Sales Tip - 3 Reasons To Love Selling

17 June 2011. By: Ben

The best way to achieve the goals you have in life and enjoy the journey is to fall in love with the process. Too many people fail because they love the effect and not the cause as in; "I love six pack abs but I hate sit-ups!" Here are three great reasons to fall in love with selling ...

The Truth About Success

03 June 2011. By: Ben

When you look at anyone who has created amazing results in their field we can be mistaken for assuming they were all born gifted and talented. When you do a detailed research study of these individuals that excel beyond all others you will find there is only one key difference...

Why Entrepreneurs Fail

07 May 2011. By: Ben

Over the years I have had the good fortune of working with hundreds of entrepreneurs in a coaching and training capacity. During this time I noticed there was a trend with the entrepreneurs that failed. 

9 Roadblocks to Change

04 April 2011. By: Ben

Have you ever wondered how to create authentic changes in your life that last? Only a staggering 5% of people that buy a personal development seminar or book will achieve the lasting results they desire. There is a stack of material devoted to these 5%. But what keeps the 95% stuck?

The Happiness Formula

06 March 2011. By: Ben

Ever wondered what the formula for happiness is? Well your wait is over. A team of Scientists were commissioned with the task of discovering the happiness formula. After compiling their research they came up with the following equation for happiness. H = S + C + V

What is Vibration

14 February 2011. By: Ben

If you can take control of your attention and shift your focus from what is in the basement (current reality) to the splendour that awaits you in the penthouse (desired reality) then your thoughts and feelings (your vibration) will begin to rise. It has been said that: "Who you are tomorrow is a direct result of the books your read, the seminars you attend and the people you speak with today!" 

The Power of Intention

06 January 2011. By: Ben

Setting an intention is a powerful process that can be used for anything from smoking cessation to weight loss to financial abundance...